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Welcome to the Remix Competitions Wikia

This community is here to aggregate all remix competitions from all across the inter-webs.

New, in-progress, and completed remix competitions are listed here to help producers find tracks to remix as well as winners of completed competitions.

Each remix competition is categorized by genre, judging method, prize, and host as well as competition status.

Participating in this Community

New! Add new competitions easily with the {{#NewWindowLink: Competition Google Form}}. Don't forget to stop by the newly created page to add a picture and attach an embedding of the original track.

Formally, add new remix competitions to the wiki by titling them "Artist - Track" and by using the Competition Template, preferably by using substitution. The template uses the Infobox Competition Template which should be filled out with as much information as possible, including the link, track name, artist, genre and a picture that you may add. It should be put into the proper category, for genre(s), competition status, etc., and updated accordingly, like when the competition goes from Accepting Submissions to Judging the competition's categories should be adjusted to reflect that change. Fill out as much information as possible on the final page. Youtube links or audio of the original track should be embedded to give artists an idea of what they will be working with. Check out a nearly-completed page, such as Matthew Koma - So F**kin Romantic, to see what the final result should look like.

And most importantly, have fun and be friendly!


Currently just myself, 0fux, or Russ if you prefer. As the community develops, I plan on adding mods that are active and helpful within the community.

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